Glaucoma Management & Surgery

Glaucoma is a disease of the eye in which increased intraocular pressure (IOP) within the eyeball causes optic nerve damage and gradual vision loss. It may result in an irreversible loss of peripheral and central vision if poorly controlled or left undiagnosed. There is also a type of glaucoma that can occur suddenly in some individuals.

Due to its mostly undetected progression, glaucoma is also known as the ‘silent thief of the sight.’ It is therefore very important to have regular preventative eye health evaluations for early detection of glaucoma.

Today we have safer, quicker, and more convenient options to reduce IOP and prevent further harm to your vision due to glaucoma. Dr. Phil Alabata is a very skilled and knowledgeable ophthalmologist with a fellowship training in the treatment of glaucoma.  He is up to date with the most current, evidence-based treatments for this complex set of eye disorders.

Treatment of Glaucoma ranges from medications to laser and surgery. At Alabata Eye Center we offer advanced treatments for the management of glaucoma.