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Entropion is a condition in which the eyelid is rolled inward towards the eyeball. This results in chronic irritation of the eye by the eyelashes. The constant rubbing of the lashes on the cornea leads to watering and redness of the eyes. Symptoms may worsen over time and may cause corneal changes. These changes may lead to scarring to the surface of the eye, which may impact the vision.

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Lower eyelid entropion is mostly age-related and caused due to laxity and instability of the eyelid structures. This results in turning-in (entropion) of the eyelid. 

Upper eyelid entropion is usually not age-related but due to disorders causing shrinkage of the back surface of the eyelid. Any form of scarring due to inflammation, previous surgery, or trauma may lead to the bulkiness of the tissues in the upper lid, which causes the eyelashes to droop towards the eyeball. 

For both cases, Dr. Alabata will evaluate the eyelids for the position, muscle tone, and tightness to determine if you will benefit from an entropion repair. 

The management of entropion often depends on its cause.

There are multiple procedures used in the treatment of entropion. Your surgeon will decide this based upon the reason for your eyelid condition found during your preoperative examination. Depending upon the surgery performed, it may take as little as 30 minutes to complete under local anesthesia with or without intravenous sedation.

Dr. Alabata will prescribe a combination antibiotic and steroid ointment to be applied to the eyelid several times a day for a week. A cold compress is used to decrease the bruising and swelling, which usually subside within a week. Keep your eyelid clean and dry until it heals.  Avoid water activities and dirty or dusty environments for at least a week. Check with your doctor before you consider starting exercise or any travel.

The goal of an entropion repair is to return the eyelid to its proper anatomical position, protect the eye from corneal deterioration, improve the constant irritation and tearing of the eye, and improve the appearance.

The results of an entropion repair are long-lasting, but as one ages, the eyelid may continue to roll in, and the problem may return. 

In the hands of a skilled surgeon like Dr. Alabata, an entropion repair can significantly improve your quality of life.

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