Eyebrow Ptosis Repair

About Eyebrow Ptosis Repair

Eyebrows are an essential part of an expressive face. Eyebrow ptosis is a condition that affects the eyebrow muscles, which can lead to drooping eyebrows. An eyebrow ptosis repair surgery can help improve functional vision as well as appearance by returning drooped eyebrows closer to their natural position.

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Eyebrow ptosis usually occurs when the forehead muscles in charge of raising and lowering your eyebrows begin to weaken. This may cause hooding of the eyelids and functional blockage of vision. Aesthetically, it worsens the wrinkles around the eyes and makes them look tired. 

Dr. Alabata will systematically evaluate these functional visual complaints along with your aesthetic goals and recommend an eyebrow ptosis repair if necessary.

Eyebrow ptosis is repaired by lifting the eyebrow. Depending on the extent and location of the drooping, your surgeon will create an incision immediately where the eyebrow hair can camouflage the incisions. The eyebrow is then lifted to a higher position, and the eyebrow arch is restored. In women, the incision is often hidden near their hairline.

Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty may be needed in addition to an eyebrow ptosis repair if the eyelid muscles become too weak or overworked due to compensating for the weakened forehead muscle.

You will be discharged from the surgery center shortly after your procedure. You will need a driver to transfer you home. 

Dr. Alabata will prescribe a combination antibiotic and steroid ointment to be applied to the incision sites several times a day for a week. A cold compress is used to decrease the bruising and swelling, which usually subside within a week. Keep your incision sites clean and dry until it heals.  Avoid water activities and dirty or dusty environments for at least a week. Check with your doctor before you consider starting exercise or any travel.

An eyebrow ptosis repair has functional and cosmetic benefits. 

It significantly improves the upper and peripheral fields of vision depending on the area of ptosis repair and improves your facial aesthetics.

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