do LASIK and be free of eyeglasses and contact lenses!

Dr. Alabata has been performing refractive eye surgery since 2002.  While honorable serving as a United States Army Medical Corps Officer, he innovated Fort Benning's Warfighter Refractive Eye Surgery Program.  Dr. Alabata was instrumental in providing refractive eye surgeries for many special operations soldiers.
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Wouldn't it be wonderful to be free of eyeglasses and contact lenses?
To see if you qualify for iLASIK surgery call for a FREE screening examination
today.  Print out and complete the iLASIK questionnaire below for Dr. Alabata to review.
iLASIK Questionnaire
  • There is no charge for an iLASIK Screening
  • Scheduled on a technician only test day
  • You will not be seeing the doctor on this day
  • Come in wearing your most recent eyeglass prescription
  • Complete and bring in the iLASIK questionnaire
  • The screening consists of:
               Uncorrected visual acuity​
               Corrected visual acuity in your most recent pair of                              eyeglasses
               An iDesign wavefront screening 
               A Pentacam screening
  • Dr. Alabata will later review all the information and determine if you qualify for iLASIK surgery
  • You will be scheduled for an iLASIK evaluation with Dr. Alabata if you qualify