How Does SMILE Eye Surgery Work?

Do you need glasses or contact lenses to see clearly? You might be a good candidate for SMILE eye surgery. This laser eye surgery maximizes your results while minimizing recovery time and achieving clear vision. Even people who should not have LASIK may be able to benefit from SMILE. 

What is SMILE Laser Eye Surgery?

SMILE is a form of laser eye surgery that changes the shape of your corneas. Corneas, the clear domes at the front of the eye, help focus light on the retina. When light does not focus in the right place, your vision may be blurry at different distances. SMILE alters your corneas with a laser, reshaping them so they focus light correctly. SMILE helps most people see more clearly, and may reduce or eliminate their need for glasses or contacts. 

*Individual results may vary

How Does SMILE Eye Surgery Work?

SMILE laser eye surgery uses numbing medication to keep you from feeling anything during your procedure. Your surgeon uses a femtosecond laser that creates extremely rapid pulses of energy. These pulses of energy create a disc of corneal tissue called a lenticule. The lenticule is created under the surface of the cornea without removing any part of it. 

Your surgeon uses a small incision to remove the lenticule, reshaping your cornea. This incision is significantly smaller than the corneal flap created during LASIK. Reshaping the cornea with the laser takes about 30 seconds, and the entire procedure takes only a few minutes per eye. The SMILE incision, which is about 4 mm long, heals without sutures and minimal downtime. 

What are the Benefits of SMILE Eye Surgery?

When comparing the types of laser eye surgery, SMILE causes the least disruption to the cornea’s outer layers. This results in many benefits, including:

  • Safer for people who engage in contact sports
  • Less likely to cause or exacerbate dry eye symptoms
  • Treats nearsightedness and astigmatism
  • May work better for higher prescriptions
  • Painless and quick
  • Significant improvement in vision

Only a consultation can determine whether SMILE is the most beneficial option for your needs. All forms of laser eye surgery have their advantages and disadvantages. 

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What is Recovery Like After SMILE Eye Surgery?

Most people recover very quickly and with minimal discomfort after SMILE. Your eyes after the procedure may burn or feel irritated, and you may have blurred vision and glare around lights. Most people can return to work, driving, and other activities within one to three days.

Your surgeon will see you for a follow-up visit the day after your procedure. At this point, the incision in your cornea has already started to heal. You can resume light exercise shortly after surgery, but avoid strenuous exercise, swimming, or getting water in your eyes for three days. 

Am I a Good Candidate for SMILE Laser Eye Surgery?

SMILE eye surgery is an excellent option for many people, especially those with strong prescriptions or dry eye symptoms. Good candidates for SMILE have healthy eyes and reasonable expectations. The minimum recommended age for laser eye surgery is 18, but typical SMILE candidates are between 25 and 40. 

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